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Ted  A Gillespie, Artist, Bio 

      I have always been inspired by what our lives gives us on a daily basis, stress, love, relationships, confused society, politics and even death. All play a role in how and what I create. I express my art without hesitation thru painting, drawings and sculpture.  Why are we here? Why do we make art?  What is its purpose? Who are we? What is the Metaphysics of Art? I want my images to provoke, be elusive, have some ambiguity, move the inner you, and even make you recoil at times. I try to let the paint be paint and not get in its way, as Philip Guston says

“Let your 3rd hand do the painting.” 


After high school I attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Ill and later the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale, Fl. I have lived and painted in 8 different states, including Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Ghost Ranch” in New Mexico.

In January of 2023 I'm going to Cusco Peru for an Artist in Residencies program at the foot hills of Machu Picchu, I am the father of 5 boys, paint and create from my home studio, and reside with my wife and two dogs in St Charles, Mo. 




St Charles Foundry Art Centre, St Charles, Mo

Art St Louis, St Louis Mo

St Louis Artist Guild, St Louis, Mo  

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