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Rush Hour "the hour is near"

I have recently launched my newest project "Rush Hour", which is being created to help raise awareness about the inhumanity and crisis in Ukraine. As an artist, I cannot just stand by and watch the events unfold without speaking out as this artist does. "Rush Hour" the sculpture, will be a Life size installation consisting of someone's "soccer MOM" van, burnt up, shot up and tore up, with no windshields, doors or bumpers. Perhaps this van got caught up the crossfire, or was bombed, it still has the remnants of burnt toys, car seats and a soccer ball that was left in the seat. But coming out through the roof of the van are Sunflowers (Ukraine's national flower of peace). All over 20' high, coal black and swaying in the wind... But one. It's bigger, beautiful, more colorful and stands above all the rest. With a beacon of light bursting from the middle core that will shine into the night leading the path to Freedom, Peace, and Healing. This sculpture is not only about Ukraine but also a moment of Space and Time that can happen and does happen everyday around the world. It's about perseverance and the fight for Freedom and Liberty for your country no matter what that country is. If Ukraine hurts we all hurt, if Ukraine loses we all lose. we have our own burning cars, our own war on Freedom and Democracy. But in the end, we are all in this together, no matter what country you live in, we all seek Peace.

Would you join me at   With every donation, you have the option of me putting your name, hand written on the body of the van, showing your support and love for those that need to know we care. For every donation $40.00 and over you get a Free Team Ted T-Shirt. The following pictures are of my process of Conceptualization, Research, Design, Development and Installation.

Rush Hour Mind Mapping_edited.jpg
dead sunflower.jpg
rush hour with rods.jpg
rush hour van_LI (2).jpg

Thank you for your continued support!

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