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Finding Inspiration In Todays World

The work of Ted Gillespie will definitely leave you thinking, maybe sometimes joyfully, maybe in angst, perhaps with a feeling of hope, or sorrow. Its all up to you. He will hit you below the belt, in places that you emotionally have been, you have thought about and maybe even cried about at times. Take todays headlines, mix it with your Life experiences, add a pinch of your dreams (good or bad), add the DNA of a passionate artist and story teller, mix it all together with a splash of Hope and you have the incredible artwork of Ted Gillespie.

"Wisdom interfacing through observation of color, texture, romance, love, joy, grief, peace, temperament and the moment of still. This is before coffee in the morning. 


Ted’s personae are vulnerable in expression on first glance with a surprise of assertive strength grasping at your soul. My personal interactions with Ted Gillespie have been an experience of reflection. His honest composure easily is seen and heard in his open dialogue and true openness as a human. His persona follows in art. "

d’Amileau Baulk, NM

Cattails, lilly pads and bird eggs 2 1MB.jpg

Title: Cattails, Lillypads and Bird Nest
Size: 120"x 240"
Medium: acrylic paint, birds nest, eggs, on canvas

bw in studio spray.jfif
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